Juniper brings AI bots to intent-based networks

The concept of intent-based networks has received a lot of attention from media and networking professionals since Cisco launched its “Network Intuitive” earlier this year

Cisco has certainly made the term “intent-based” a household term, but that wasn’t the first time I had heard a vendor talk about this vision. Years ago, I was at an event held by Juniper Networks where its founder and CTO at the time, Pradeep Sindhu, talked about the death of Moore’s Law and how that would drive us towards this thing called intent-based networking. 

Since then, Juniper has been somewhat quiet regarding its role in the evolution of the market, although it has been quite aggressive in the area of software-defined networking (SDN) through the evolution of its Contrail platform. Last week at its NXTWORK 2017 Customer event, Juniper tied its innovation with Contrail to the vision of a self-driving network with the release of Juniper Bots designed to translate intent into automated workflows.

It’s fair to say that all the great advancements the industry has seen in networking over the past few years — which includes the shift to software, increased adoption of white boxes, new operating systems, and the shift to software models — have enabled us to do so much more with our networks. But they have also increased the complexity of running a network.

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