Data the key ingredient for restaurant chain success

Businesses have more data than ever about their operations, supply chains and customers. The problem is often they can’t see it, don’t know where it is, and don’t have an easy want to pull it all together and analyze it. So, they are unable to make smart decisions and can lose thousands of dollars a year. 

It’s a challenge restaurant franchisors such as CraftWorks Restaurants and Breweries Inc. face. CraftWorks has found a solution, though—OnDemand software from ArrowStream

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OnDemand does the “dirty work” of collecting data from food distributors, cleaning the data, analyzing it and putting the information front and center for supply chain restaurant managers, said Jeff Dorr, chief customer officer of ArrowStream. 

“OnDemand provides near real-time processing and analysis,” he said. “Without a system, you are spot checking. Humans can’t get through the data quickly. We’re providing predictive and actionable insight—a full supply chain view of the data.” 

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