Cisco’s David Goeckeler talks security, networking, software and SD-WAN outlook

David Goeckeler doesn’t wear all of the hats at Cisco but he certainly wears one of the biggest.

Responsible for 20,000 engineers and $32 billion worth of the networking giant’s business, Goeckeler, executive vice president and general manager, masterminds Cisco’s network and security strategy which now features ever more emphasis on software. In fact, at the recent Cisco Live, Goeckeler emphasized that notion saying, “all the routers and switches and wireless access points (and in big networks there are going to be tens of thousands of those in a single enterprise network) we’re thinking about that as one large software system.”

At the show Goeckeler sat down with Network World Senior Editor Michael Cooney to talk about some of the big topics on Cisco’s radar like networking, machine learning, security and SD-WAN trends. Here is an edited transcript of some of that interview.

Cooney: In terms of networking what do you see as the greatest challenges in the next three-to-five years?

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