Cisco taps into AI, collaboration with $125M MindMeld buy

Cisco said it would target collaboration applications first with artificial intelligence technology it will get from buying MindMeld for $125 million.

The deal, announced today, is Cisco’s third in two weeks and nets the company MindMeld’s AI platform which lets customers to build intelligent, conversational interfaces for any application or device with its proprietary machine learning (ML) technology. Specifically, MindMeld develops what it calls Deep-Domain Conversational AI which essentially allows customers to embed voice commands in any applications and services.

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When MindMeld rolled out its first technology platform for Deep-Domain Conversational AI last November it wrote: “Until now, companies looking to build advanced voice or chat assistants have had few options. Open-source or academic AI toolkits (e.g. TensorFlow, CNTK, SyntaxNet, CoreNLP, NLTK) provide advanced algorithms but little data suitable for production-quality applications. Meanwhile, cloud-based developer tools (e.g. Facebook’s, Google’s, Microsoft’s LUIS, Samsung’s Viv) provide only limited support for building AI models for custom knowledge domains.”

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