Big buyouts hit the enterprise market, BMC and Bain eye companies

The leveraged buyout of Dell that resulted in its merger with EMC and the computer giant going private was the first of what appears to be many similar moves. Private equity firms are looking to gobble up some of the enterprise giants and in the process, take them private.

BMC Software, which develops IT services software and data center automation software, among many other products, is looking to merge with CA, formerly Computer Associates. BMC is owned by Bain Capital and Golden Gate Capital, so any deal to acquire CA would take the company off the public market.

CA has a market valuation of $15 billion, so this would be the biggest deal since Silver Lake won the fight to buy Dell and take the firm private in 2013. That deal was valued at $25 billion.

Bain has eyes elsewhere. It is part of a group of investors looking to buy Toshiba’s memory chip business. Toshiba is in dire financial straits due to its Westinghouse division losing billions and is divesting the memory business to balance its books.

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