5 things to know about Cisco and AppDynamics

On Jan. 24, I attended a Cisco Spark event in San Francisco. The day started with a keynote by Rowan Trollope, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco Collaboration. He also ended the day at event receptions. However, my afternoon meeting with Rowan was abruptly canceled with little explanation.

As it happens, Rowan had to skip out during his own event to spend $3.7 billion to acquire AppDynamics. Although the news broke before the day’s end, nothing was mentioned at the Cisco Spark event, which was laser-focused on its new Spark Board.

What you need to know about Cisco’s acquisition of AppDynamics

Cisco’s acquisition of AppDynamics is a strategic and bold move for several reasons. Here’s my list of the top five things to know about it.

1. What’s a dynamic app?

AppDynamics provides application performance information. The category isn’t new, but it was left behind when apps became distributed. AppDynamics provides end-to-end visibility across distributed applications. Customers include airlines, banks and Cisco itself. It works with private and public cloud services from the likes of Amazon, IBM and Google. It positions Cisco as the digital authority regarding networks, infrastructure, IoT devices and now applications. AppDynamics cracked the code—it recently reported 50 percent growth, and 75 percent of its revenues are subscription-based.

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