4 Chrome extensions that make you more productive in Gmail

While Gmail alone can dramatically improve your email efficiency, Gmail and Chrome together make a one-two productivity punch that’s hard to beat. Here are four Chrome extensions that help reduce the time you spend in your inbox so you can focus on the work that really matters.

Send from Gmail

Typically when you click on an email address link, it will open your default email client and you have to toggle between it and your browser to compose your message and cut-and-paste any links. Send from Gmail saves you time and keystrokes by streamlining this process.

Send for Gmail

Send from Gmail lets you compose messages from your browser without opening Gmail.

Once this free extension is added, a Gmail compose window will open right in your browser whenever you click an email address on a webpage. Additionally, it adds a button to your Chrome toolbar that, when pressed, creates a new Gmail message using the current page title as the subject and selected page content as the message.

Checker Plus for Gmail

Keeping your Gmail inbox open in a separate app or browser tab while you work is asking for trouble. It will inevitably—and repeatedly—draw your attention away from the task at hand to check for new messages.

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