10 tips to get started with Microsoft Teams

In November 2011, I wrote a blog post called SharePoint User Adoption Strategy: Team Member “Service Level Agreement.” In that post, I talked about how important it is to start off any project with a shared agreement about how the team is going to work together, including how to organize, tag, and name files in the SharePoint team site. With today’s exciting announcement of the general availability of Microsoft Teams, I offer some updates to that post to ensure that your organization gets the most value out of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams provides a great way for teams who want a chat experience to connect. If you have been using Slack or another chat tool, you will really love Teams and will probably find some new capabilities that will make your teamwork even more productive.

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But if you have been successfully using SharePoint for team collaboration in the past, you may have to do a little adjusting to figure out how to best take advantage of Teams. That’s what I hope to provide with these tips.

The user interface for interacting with Files in the Teams app is different from the document library experience in SharePoint. It’s not a bad experience; it’s just different. And this means now, more than ever, each team needs to establish some norms and conventions for file organization at the start of each project (or establishment of each Team) and each organization needs to establish some ground rules to ensure that your Teams don’t become the wild, wild west.

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